7 Quick Takes Friday – Harel Skaat Edition


— 1 —

I know I have already written a post about Harel Skaat a while back, but it’s time to just do 7 quick takes on him. And that is because I had the opportunity to go to his concert in Haifa yesterday. It was awesome. As usual. He was so cute, too! The thing is the tickets were a complete surprise. We found them taped to our door yesterday morning. I have since found out who it was, and THANK YOU!

— 2 —

I have a really cool playlist on YouTube with a lot of Harel Skaat songs. I listen to it while I’m doing school work, and well, right now as well. It has several songs that he sings in English (not the Whitney Houston mash up!) and it always amazes me how much better his sung English is than his spoken English. It’s “amayzing” (Harel spelling).

— 3 —

I did some searches on YouTube, looking for possible videos from last night, and found a video that listed Harel Moyal, Harel Skaat and Aaron Razel and Yonatan Razel as tags. I have a hard time imagining anything that can be labeled with both with the haredi (Ultra-orthodox) Razel brothers and gay pop icon Harel Skaat.  The song is pretty good, actually. I just ended up a bit surprised, that’s it. To be honest, I can see where all those tags came from!

— 4 —

The amayzing Lara Fabian gave a concert in Israel. I was more excited by that than by Madonna coming, but I couldn’t make it to Caesarea for her show. Maybe next time. YouTube is full of awesome videos from her show, including this duet with Mr. Skaat.

Ms. Fabian and Mr. Skaat sound really good together. I can’t judge his French, though. But I’m very excited every time he sings a duet, because he is good at duets. If it was a Lara Fabian post, I’d embed the video of her singing Je suis Malade, which, in Hebrew, was sung by both Izhar Cohen and Harel Skaat. That video from Kokhav Nolad of Harel? Yeah, it was from before he got a good stylist. Mentioning stylists, I wouldn’t mind if he didn’t love these assimetrical haircuts so much.

— 5 —

The infamous Whitney mash up. Well. I understand it’s for Pride and everything but seriouly… I’m every woman??? It wasn’t even a very good song to start with, and… yeah, I know it was fro Pride. Maybe if I didn’t dislike Whitney Houston I’d have no problem with it.

— 6 —

Harel Skaat is the most frequent search term for my blog. It’s closely followed by jews and cheeseburgers. 🙂

— 7 —

Shabbat Shalom!

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Not strictly one of the 7 Quick Takes, but yay for Denmark, and congratulations to all the Danish ouples, who will now be legally married! Also, if anyone believes the lies and half truths spread by American conservative and Catholic media and blogs: Only the State Church is in scope of the new law, and no priest is obligated to perform a gay marriage. It’s another thing that they are quite happy to finally be able to do so!

9 Responses to “7 Quick Takes Friday – Harel Skaat Edition”

  1. Annie says:

    Ah, yes…..cheeseburgers – a constant theme.

  2. Bozót says:

    Would you add some of those amayzing songs to my UB playlist?

  3. It’s just not fair that the server at work blocks all streaming websites!

    • Hevel says:

      I could probably teach you how to circumvent that, but it wouldn’t be very honest. How about I burn a DVD with the videos and send it with your book (which I had to get a second copy of, because the first one suffered some ice cream damage).

      • I’ve already figured out how to get on FB, I guess I could see videos if I tried, but I know I’d waste my time. It’s hard enough to keep myself to my promise to only go on FB during lunch break. If I have to resist YouTube too, I won’t have any energy left to actually work. 🙂
        You’re welcome to burn a DVD if you want to!

  4. Nice concert of this belgian singer
    rincevent @art & insolite recently posted..Lara Fabian nue dans GalaMy Profile

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