The Bar Mitzvah Gift


Today we finally get to celebrate the bir mitzvahhood of Craig, both at synagogue and later on in the hotel’s banquet hall. One of the great things about today was that not only Kevin’s brother and his family could come from the USA, but both of our soldiers are home for the weekend. Craig is very proud of his brothers, so he convinced them to show up in uniform. 😀 And that is where the surprise happened. As Sam took off his berret, I got a glance of his name written on the inside.

It said ??? – ??????. And that made me grin. Then Amir showed his ID card. ??? – ?????? there, too. Even bigger grin. Now all my 18+ crowd, including Noah, has that last name. While we could not adopt them like with did with Yonah, we, at last, share a last name. It is a great moment for us, as a family, and we are super happy.

Craig was overjoyed to see his big brothers, and he was smiling all through his reading. He did great and he was complimented by many of the members of the congregation. We are both very proud of him. I can’t help, however, to look at him, and just see his 4-year-old self, the big brown eyes, the shy smile. He has grown into a confident (!!!) teenager, smart and curious, soaking up knowledge like a sponge. A big boy. An adult by Jewish law.

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