Sunday's Silly Seven

  1. Harel Skaat needs to fire his hairdresser and get a new one. No, really. What was his stylist thinking??? OK, so I know he is a singer and gay, and all that, but that all won’t excuse this newest weird hairdo. I hope it grows back before his next theatre show.
  2. Also. Lip synching when you are sick is okay. It really is.
  3. Only 15 more likes needed for our Facebook page to give away another set of bottle cap beauties. Go, like us. 🙂
  4. Oh my gosh, Jack Daniel’s BBQ sauce is awesomer than awesome. No, they are not paying me for this sentence, but I just so wish I had about a gazillion more bottles. To be honest, no one pays me for anything on this blog, and I don’t even have link exchanges.
  5. I miss having a kitchen to play with. There is a small grill and a microwave I can use now, and I keep making brownies in a mug. Or rather, brownies in a beer stein.
    4 Tbs. flour
    4 Tbs. sugar
    2 Tbs. Dutch cocoa powder
    1 medium size egg
    3 Tbs.milk, 2.8% worked best for us
    3 Tbs. sunflower/corn oil. When using sunflower, make sure it’s refined. Virgin tastes quite bad.
    3 Tbs. chocolate chopped or chocolate chips (we found that mixing different types of chocolate worked best, especially if it involved Toblerone)

    1 large mug. We ended up using the pint sized beer “mugs”

    Mix the ingredients as well as you can. We used a stick mixer. Then throw the whole thing in the microwave for 3-5 minutes. Keep an eye on it, when the cake starts to rise out of the mug and hit the top of the microwave it’s usually done.

  6. Bagrut season is once again upon us. This time I have three kids taking exams: Yonah in Haifa and Noah and Nirel in TA. Nirel is not graduating yet, though. So it’s a busy few weeks.
  7. Please, someone tell me, if “Fringe” renewed for the 5th season? Is it going to be a short one? A full one?

3 Responses to “Sunday's Silly Seven”

  1. Diane says:

    Fringe was renewed for a final season that will begin in September. It will be a shortened season of only 13 episodes. I really enjoy the show and am going to miss it.

    • Hevel says:

      Thanks for the info! I also like it a lot, but I had to wonder if they were gonna drag it out for a full season and make it less exciting, or they wanna go out with a bang and make a superb shorter season. I’ll miss it, too.

  2. De says:

    Hevel, we school year round with breaks at the beginning and end of summer!


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