How does your country remember its fallen soldiers?


Not the officials. The people. How do people commemorate the fallen soldiers on the day designated for this rememberance?

Memorial Day, USA:

Memorial Day

Yom Hazikaron, Israel:

Yom Hazikaron

Please, don’t forget: Memorial day is the day America remembers its fallen soldiers. Those who never had the chance to become veterans, because they died.

Please stop for a second today and remember these men and women before you go to the BBQ party, the camping trip or the party at the club.


6 Responses to “How does your country remember its fallen soldiers?”

  1. Andi says:

    Erről beszéltem pár hete.
    Ti másképp emlékeztek.
    Nálatok mindenkiben ott a tisztelet, és értik, tudják, mit jelentenek az emléknapok, mint pl. a Holokauszt emléknap…

  2. doesitevenmatter3 says:

    I did do that…the thinking, the tears, the remembering, the gratitude. A very important special day to me.

  3. Annie says:

    No barbeque for me, for sure. However, I did come home to watch the National Parade, because Aidan was marching in it. Now, I’ve decided there can NOT be anything that feels more lame than watching a parade on TV (though if they cut the commentary, it would be improved)….but, watch it we did, for over an hour and a half, until – they got almost to Aidan’s part…..and……the streaming stopped.

    How frustrating is that? I have to say, though, I was really moved by the National “Moment of Silence”. Even though that sounded hokey, it was really very touching, and I did pray for my relatives and those I know who died fighting for their country. And, being glad my son is here to march.

    • Hevel says:

      I think the moment of silence is a great reminder. Here when the sirens sound on Yom HaShoah or Yom Hazikaron, and vereyone stops and stands, I have no idea what goes throug their minds, but I am sure they are remembering.

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