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Vodafone Hungary, one of the mobile phone service providers in Hungary has a program in which they sponsor someone to take a year off work and volunteer for charity for a whole year. They call these people “full time angels”. This year they took the project to Facebook. There are many many worthy causes, but this year I’d like to ask you to vote for this lady.

She is a mother of 8. Her 7th child was born with Down Syndrome, and has since, unfortunately, passed away. This lady has been volunteering with various DS organizations for years, and her goal in this project is that every child born with DS in Hungary should be growing up in a loving family. Her project involves assisting families with newborns who have DS, as well as finding domestic adoptive families for children, who are left in the hospital by their first family.

Please vote for her! This is how you can do it:

Click on this link:

  1. http://apps.facebook.com/foallasuangyal/?showproject=45
  2. Click on Szavazok rá.
  3. Click OK in the pop up. It warns you that you can only vote for one candidate and only once.
  4. Click “Go to App”.
    Once you click that, your vote is registered. You can also choose to campaign for her, by clicking the grey button shown in the first screenshot.

Voting ends on June 3rd, at midnight CET.

I don’t know her in person. I don’t benefit financially or in any other way if she wins. The only ones who will benefit are the children and their families.

4 Responses to “Help someone become a full time Angel”

  1. doesitevenmatter3 says:

    Okay! Will do!
    HUGS and hope your day was great!!!

  2. Tamara Smith says:

    This is a wonderful project! Good luck!


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