Gifts. Lots of them


This week I got a lot of gifts! The above beauties were made by Eszter.  I had seen photos of the two awesome wooden pictures of Mr. Skaat, but not the box! So I was super excited to tear off the gazilion layers of wrapping paper. I have to say I loved it! And then I opened it…

YAY! More Mr. Skaat! And more owls! And a little mole! YAY, yay, yay!

I also got some gifts from Prague. This is my favourite one (and the only one that lasted long enough to take a picture):

Yes, a beautiful kipah! I wore it to Craig’s bar mitzva. Thanks a lot, Ágó!

And then… there were the Hungarian chocolate bars!

Yes, I’m spoiled. 😀

15 Responses to “Gifts. Lots of them”

  1. Eszti says:

    Yepeee! :o) I’m so happy that you’re too! 😀 And that you like the presents…
    Have fun with your box and your “milimloms”. 😀

  2. Andi says:

    Itt is nagyon tetszik Eszti dobozkája, és a táblák! 😀

    És a kipád!
    Nagyon szép! 🙂

  3. Eszti says:

    Ja, hogy a kipa bele is fér a dobozba… 😀
    Legyen egy kipa-kupak doboz is?

  4. Eszti says:

    hümm hümm…. 😀
    Ha megadod, hogy mekkora a kipa (legnagyobb, ha van különbség) átmér?je és ha egymásba tornyozod ?ket, akkor milyen magas a rakás… 😀 Akkor talán találunk neki dobozt…

  5. Amy Sun says:

    Thank you for linking your blog on the site about the crazy lady; your blog is certainly what the fast food site strives to be: full of love and candid, real stories about a life I will never lead. Just the kind of blog I love to come upon. You have a new reader in the superficial USA; your family’s story is beautiful!

    • Hevel says:

      Oh my, thank you for commenting! 🙂 Please don’t be offended by some of my remarks of the USA. I don’t really like stereotypes, but still use them. Daisy was shallow, the green light symbolises hope and Gatsby looks like Robert Redford.

      Welcome on board!

  6. Amy Sun says:

    Oh no, we lost the snark in translation! I agree with you about my adopted country, though I was only in my Irish homeland for 5 years.

    I will send Krispy M &Ms to make up for the misunderstanding.

  7. Ciska says:

    Hmm. I don’t recognize any of the Hungarian chocolate bars. How come?

    • Hevel says:

      My guess is that they were either not that popular when you were in Hungary (I forget when that was) or you don’t recognize them because they got a wrapper make-over a few years ago when they all came under the same manufacturer.

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