My New Ring


Some of my readers remember that Kevin and I had a commitment ceremony like 9 years ago. My readers remember, but I don’t. I had brain surgery afterwards and I lost memories and well, I know we did it, I don’t remember it though. So when a few days ago I found a very pretty ring from Kevin, my heart started to beat at 200 bpm. Today, when he visited me, he put it on my hand and I put his on his.

I’m super excited. And I’m very happy.

4 Responses to “My New Ring”

  1. doesitevenmatter3 says:

    Aw. I love reading about you and Kevin!
    Happy 9 years to the two of you!!! And many more!!
    I’m glad you are excited and happy!!!
    (Reading this post brought tears to my eyes. Joy-tears.)

  2. It must be strange to know that it happened, but that you can’t remember it …
    Are you going to post a picture of the ring? I’m kinda curious!

    • Hevel says:

      I’ve been trying to take a good picture, but alas, it always ends up with a glare. There is the photo from the catalogue on my Hungarian blog.

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