Happy 64th Birthday, Israel!


As the sun set after a day of remembering our fallen soldiers and the victims of terror, a new day began, a day of joy and celebration: we are celebrating 64 years of statehood!  On this day of the Hebrew calendar 64 years ago, my country was re-born. 64 years of modern Israel…

What does Israel mean to me?

Israel is now my home, not only in a spiritual, but a very physical way. I grew to love this small country, and I apreciate its beauty and diversity. From ski resorts to deserts to beautiful beaches, the land has just as much variety as the people who live here. We and our parents or grandparents came from all over the world, only to be united in one nation. From scular to ultra-Orthodox, Jews of every level of observance have found their home in this land. We are home here.

Israel is also one of my biggest challenges. Having to accept the fact that I’m no longer in the West, that Israel, while a Western type democracy, is very much in the Middle East. Some of our culture and a whole lot of our reality reminds me of that again and again.

Israel is my love affair.

Israel is my home.

Israel is a strange land, and I’ll forever be a stranger in this strange land.

Israel. I love it.

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