Because We Are Silly


I’m sitting here, in Herzliya, in a not-so comfortable chair, watching the sea. My fiancé and I are on vacation. We are about 10 km away from home. Maybe more, maybe less. Pretty much it’s the next town over… it’s far away to count as a holiday, and it’s close enough that we are close enough to everything and everyone if the need arises. We are staying in a very nice hotel, on the beach, in a very nice room, overlooking the beach… It’s absolutely lovely.

So we celebrated Independence Day with lots of shaving foam. It’s more legal and economical than silly string and easier to wash off. It also meant a lot of showers for me.

Some of our older children brought some of our younger children to see us yesterday. It was a blast! I hadn’t seen my younger kids since my surgery. It was great to watch them enjoy the pool and the sand and the shaving foam. They were noisy and hungry! It was a good decision to pay for a buffet dinner for them.

One of the older boys who came was one of my soldiers. While his younger brothers and sister played in the pool, Sam and I were talking. He shared that being in the army changed his view of Yom Hazikaron. While it had aways been a sad day, being in the army gave a deeper understanding of the sacrifices made by many.

It was a wonderful time together.

3 Responses to “Because We Are Silly”

  1. doesitevenmatter3 says:

    Just checking in to see how you are doing!!!
    Silly is good! Glad you all had a wonderful time together!!!
    HUGS! 🙂
    PS…Kids do a buffet justice! 🙂

  2. doesitevenmatter3 says:

    I hope your weekend went well!
    HAPPY Monday, almost Tuesday!
    HUGS! 🙂

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