The End Has Come


…for the giveaway, that is. 🙂

In a few minutes, all the entry comments will be visible, and comment moderation will return to normal: only your first ever comment will need to be moderated.

I’m sure all of you are curious about the answers:

  1. Who wrote my favourite Harel Skaat song?
    The correct answer is Kfir Epstein. There were various song titles as answers, but songs don’t write otehr songs, so I couldn’t accept those. 😉
  2. What is my dog’s name?
    My dog’s name is Izhar, but because of the post Bob Marley and Gombóc were accepted as answers.
  3. What is the television event that I am really looking forward to each May?
    The Eurovision Song Contest, of course!

Bonus question: What’s up with that polar bear wearing a wonder bra?
This one was in reference to misheard lyrics. The chorus of the song Abanibi, that won the ESC in 1978 is the one I’m talking about.  Details are in this post.

Thank you everyone for participating! Because we reached 20 entries, there will be 10 winners picked in addition to the Bonus Question and Referrer prize!

2 Responses to “The End Has Come”

  1. doesitevenmatter3 says:

    20 entries! YAY! That’s cool!

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