Q&A Part 2: Annie's Questions


Annie was the second one to ask questions, and oh boy, did she ask good questions! 😀

  1. How did you end up moving to Israel?
    Most of my birth family was living in Israel, and we were living in Hungary when Kevin’s work permit  was about to expire. We had to make a decision whether he applies for residency–and likely gets refused–or we move somewhere. We opted for Israel as the Law of Return applied to both of us.
  2. Where/how did you meet Kevin?
    I first met him when I was 12ish and he was 19. He was a cool young adult and I was an annoying brat. I met him in California at a bookstore where I worked 7 years later. We knew we had a lot in common in our background and were attracted to each other. It was supposed to be a one night stand… and we have been together 9 and a half years.
  3. What is the worst/best thing about the countries you’ve lived in?
    Tough question. Ireland: worst: weather, best: the sea. Hungary: worst: the economy, best: the language and culture. USA: worst: the superficiality and ignorance, best: Crispy M&M’s. Israel: worst: bing surrounded by coutries who want your country wiped off the map, best: the sea, the sand, the prayer of man. Saudi Arabia: worst: it was Saudi Arabia. best: it only lasted 6 months.
  4. What is Kevin’s profession? (I asked you what yours was, and still didn’t understand.)
    Kevin is a teacher, who teaches English and World literature in English and Hebrew. He is also a part time OT/PT at the school where he teaches. I am working in the field of IT services as well as–hopefully soon, again–teaching part time.
  5. How is the book coming….I’m ready?
    I am waaaay behind on it, unfortunately. I got side tracked with all the health issues and what not, but will work on catching up.
  6. Will Ciska recommend a book for you?
    You need to ask Ciska about that. 😀
  7. Is your Hungarian blog the same as this one, but in Hungarian? If not, how are they different?
    No, actually most of the content is different. Some of the posts are similar, or even translations of each other, but most are not. I post a lot less in my Hungarian blog and it’s either a lot simpler or more eloquent than my English blog. There are things that are only relevant to people who know what ‘im talking about, and that usually goes to the Hungarian blog. I was writing a lot more about the whole plagiarized dissertation fiasco in my Hungarian blog than in the English one, because it was easierto share my thoughts without having to share the whole background story. I’m also more political in the Hungarian posts and I self censor less.
  8. Why don’t you give us more recipes?
    Because I’m lazy. But I made meat loaf in a muffin tin, and frosted it with mashed potatoes. Does that count?
  9. How did you make this blog….and how is it related to blogger?
    This blog is not relates to Blogger in any way. Actually, a nifty java script re-routes anyone going to my Blogger blog to this one. This blog is a self hosted blog. I subscribe to a hosting service (for $12/year) and own a domain (for $11/year) and I used the WordPress 5-minute-install from wordpress.org. My host also provides a super easy installation of WordPress through Fantastico, however, that version doesn’t support Hebrew and specific Hungarian characters (like ? and ?). My previous hosting company had a more foreign-language friendly 3-click install through Softaculous that I used. So this blog is not connected to wordpress.com either. I am well aware of the vulnerability of WordPress blogs, so I reglarly back mine up. I use the Atahualpa theme, which I simply love. It offers a wide variety of options to get the look that I want… exactly.

3 Responses to “Q&A Part 2: Annie's Questions”

  1. Jon Hayenga says:

    Are you working on a book? Cool…
    Is it going to be a novel or nonfiction?
    You lived in Saudi Arabia for awhile? Why? :p
    Hugs, Jon

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