One of these days….


…I’ll be home again and I’ll be doing homework with my kids… and I’ll get utterly confused by their Hebrew.

…I’ll be back at work and will get a nice paycheque that will pay for a little more than the bare neccessities. Maybe even enough so I can visit Yonah in Haifa with Sam when he is home.

…I’ll finish crocheting the owls, will sew them together and embroider what needs embroidering.

…I’ll sign up, attend, and complete an “ulpan”.  I’m going to tackle Hebrew. I sure will.

…I’m going to write about that pickle jar.

…I’m gonna finish my homework.

6 Responses to “One of these days….”

  1. Annie says:

    Hevel! I’m crying! WHAT exactly is wrong? Why aren’t you home? I’m so upset! I want you to do all those things!

    • Hevel says:

      I have osteomyelitis and a myriad of small things that go with it or have nothing to do with it. After systematically supressing my immune system I seem to catch everything, and because I keep 14 germ balls at home–otherwise referred to as my children–I’m staying till my labs get better, my fever is gone and my EEG is completely normal. THe last one is already checked off the list. We have an influenza epidemic in the region, and I’m not vaccinated for it, and did I mention I have no immune system? So right now it’s just smallish things and mainly getting me feel better and fatten back up before going home.

    • Hevel says:

      Also, we have universal free healthcare, not as fancy as in the States, but they keep me in till I’m really well.

  2. De says:

    I too am worried about you. Please know that we are thinking of you.


  3. Andi says:

    Már nagyon itt van az a dátum, kitartás drága! 🙂

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