In a week I turn 30


For my 29th birthday I put together a list of things I wanted to do before I turn 30. Now let’s take a look at what I accomplished from this.

1. Get comfortable enough with my Hebrew not to start every single conversation with new people asking if they speak English. Or Hungarian. :) Absolute fail.

2. Finish my way through the Tanakh, using the Stone commentary and take the Talmud study more seriously. I haven’t opened the Talmud since the high holidays.

3. Watch the last episodes of SGA, BSG, JAG. Didn’t happen.

4. Get fitted and pay for a sports leg. Might not  be ready in time for 30. This one was completed.

5. Walk in a 3K walking event. Done.

6. Stop using kiddie band aids. I still use them.

7. Take down my fanboy wall. Maybe donate it to the kids:) Still on the wall. Grew by about 35% in area.

8. Grow a proper beard. I’ll never have a proper beard.

9. Last through Passover without eating chametz. Go with Ashkenazi tradition on this, so no cheating with egg matzah. This one was a success. 😀

10. Make a decision about the second cochlear implant and stick with it. I think I made my decision.

11. Eat a proper breakfast every day for at least a month, try to make it a habit. Nope.

12. Visit my mother’s grave. Didn’t happen and won’t happen before I turn 30.

13. Get back into teaching. Temporarily I did.

14. Win Kochav Nolad. Enter a karaoke competition. Did neither

15. Do a month-long junk food fast, and donate money saved to… TBD. Nope.

16. Stop going to every single Harel Skaat concert nearby. I went to every single one I could.

17. Finish another NaNovel, and this time make it intelligable to others. Distribute freely. Didn’t even register…

18. Go to swim with the boys at least once a week.  This lasted a whole 1 week.
19. Act more grown up. Oh my gosh, this was stupid of me!

2 Responses to “In a week I turn 30”

  1. doesitevenmatter3 says:

    Keep using kiddie bandaids!
    Don’t act more grownup!

    What a good idea before birthdays…and you had a good list…and you accomplished some good things!

    Early Happy 30th!!!!!!!!!!! 🙂

    • Hevel says:

      Well, I think I’ll write a list about things to do before I’m 35 and give myself 5 years… maybe a list of 25 things, so I’ll have five for each year.

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