I have enough whines to fill a whinery


Really, I do.

I am totally bummed about most likely missing Purim at home. And even if I get to go home for Purim  I will have no gifts to give to anyone, because I never dreamt I’d be still unable to do my shopping just days before Purim! So… yeah, I really have nothing for anyone, and yes, it bothers me greatly. Because I love this gift giving aspect of Purim… putting the packages together carefully, choosing just the right things for each recipient… and now my best alternatives are overpriced and impersonal packages bought online. Blah.

I’m having a difficult time right  now continuing this post. That’s because I wanna keep all my whines in that whinery.

9 Responses to “I have enough whines to fill a whinery”

  1. Ciska says:

    That would be more than enough to make anyone down. I just hope you’ll be able to enjoy Purim in some way.

  2. doesitevenmatter3 says:

    I have some cheese for your whine! 😉

    It’s okay…I understand how you feel. 🙁 I often feel that way on special holidays.

    I hope you can find some ways to celebrate that will be memorable.

    What I appreciate most from family and friends…is time spent with me, a card, note or letter, a poem, a hug…things that don’t cost any money. 🙂

    HUGE HUGS from me!

    • Hevel says:

      Purim gifts are food portions: at least two different readily edible foods, festively wrapped. So we do awesome gift baskets! And I love doing that! And I miss doing that….

  3. doesitevenmatter3 says:

    Well, you taught me something! 🙂 TY!
    So do/did you usually make the foods yourself?
    What a wonderful memorable time…I can see why you miss doing that.

    • Hevel says:

      Usually I include some home-made foods, like hamantaschen, which are a traditional Purim thing, or simply a dozen cookies. Then there are various other things that I buy.

  4. Negra says:

    Pont ez a helyzet az, amikor senki nem fogja rajtad számon kérni.
    Kórházból nehéz vásárolni, és nem Te tervezted így.
    Túl régóta vagy már bent!
    Légyszi, Te se ostorozd magad ezzel! Tudod, hogy úgy sincs igazad.
    Majd jöv?re mindenkinek egy valamivel többet viszel, mint amennyit eredetileg vinnél, jó?! 🙂

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