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So, I’m home. It took me a while to get home and this time I hope to stay longer than last time! I just feel a lot better, though somewhat weaker this time. I gained back some weight in the last week or so, and I intend to continue doing that. I should be at a much better place a month from now. Stronger, healthier, ready for surgery. In about 6 weeks my back will stop hurting constantly (hopefully), it will only hurt intermittently, and that’s something I can take. 6 weeks!

I got home during the hour between homework and dinner, so I had kids all over me, all kinds of excitement and “Dad, did you bring me anything?” questions… because on Thursday I normally have some treats I bring from Netanya. I was prepared, I had a bag of mixed nuts, that made everyone happy. While I made meatloaf in a muffin tin, the kids mixed the nuts with dried fruits to have for dessert. The meatloaf in the muffin tin took a whole 38 minutes to prepare, and we frosted them with mashed potatoes and decorated with veggies. They were a big hit like those breakfast cakes, and they were gone before a picture could have been taken. And all the veggies were eaten, too.

I tucked everyone in, then tucked most of them in again, and some of them a third time… and they are still making sure I’m in my own bed tonight. I guess we missed each other with the kids. Why did they miss me? “Dad (the other one) overcooks scrambled eggs.” Gee, it’s nice to know I’m appreciated. 🙂

And being the evil parent I am, in about a month I’ll leave them again, when Kevin and I will go and take off for a week, just the two of us. We will be gone over Memorial Day and Independence Day, and the days before and after… 7 nights, 8 days just Kevin and I, soaking up the sun and getting fat on seafood somewhere where it’s hot and it doesn’t rain rockets. The kids will have both sets of grandparents, our beloved au paires, their mum and aunt and uncle to take care of them, not to mention the older boys. I’ll make sure there’s enough shaving foam stocked up before we leave, so they can have a fun Independence Day.

And just mentioning the sea reminds me of a great love, the poem by Hannah Szenes, commonly known as Eli Eli, but really titled Halikha LeKesariya, “A Walk to Caesarea”.

My God, My God, may these things never end,
The sand and the sea,
The rustle of the waters,
Lightning of the Heavens,
The prayer of Man.

In this version, with not so great audio, Harel Skaat sings it:

And this version has the great Ofra Haza sing this beloved song. And this one has great sound.

There are times when I drive in Israel… or just walk by the sea, and I find myself humming this song… or passing by Hannah Szenes’s memorial in Budapest I catch myself reciting this poem as if offering a prayer… Because her poem grabs the essence of Israel so well: The sea, the sand, the prayer of man.

2 Responses to “Home, sweet home and other updates”

  1. doesitevenmatter3 says:

    So much of this brought smiles to my face. And then by the end I had tears in my eyes. Thank you for sharing the poem and the song…both are so beautiful.
    You, and your precious family, remain in my thoughts and prayers.
    HUGS, C. 🙂

    • Hevel says:

      Thank you! I remember when I first read this poem, when I was 19. It was 6 years after I last set foot in Israel at that point and everything, every memory, every scent, everything about Israel flooded me at that moment… It was powerful.

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