Good Morning Song March 20


Something good

I have the feeling that something good is going to happen
At the houses, yards
There are colors, lines, shapes
There is new air to breath
Suddenly also in my heart
the rooms opened
And nearly a million songs
Waiting there sharpened
without battles or shells
Inside boxes
Only to get out, break free
The child in me, that awake
already coming back again to the picture
after twenty years
who was standing, frightened
quietly in the corner

I have the feeling that something good is going to happen, will smash the walls
When the fear will tear out, heavy artillery of fire
And heaven of colors, will tore the heights
And everybody will be able to see
Something good is going to happen

I have the feeling that something good is going to happen
People, rows, rows
Then will open the drawer
to drain the inside
And the rhythm to the front
Will drum on the routine
Will leave us no choice
At the loaded gardens
The cups will fill up
And the lights at the balconies


Everything that will become
almost round to be completed
Will smile and be photographed
at the covered street
Something good is going to happen
So… grab yourself a chair

7 Responses to “Good Morning Song March 20”

  1. doesitevenmatter3 says:

    What a great song! And you know I love his voice! And face! 🙂

    Yes, I always have hope and I always believe that good things are going to happen! 🙂


  2. Negra says:

    Tényleg ?szintén?!
    Mert ha igen, akkor borzalmasan örülök!
    VÉGRE!!! 🙂

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