Congrats and What the Heck?


First of all, congrats to Kat and her family and welcome to this exclusive clube of parents of multiples! I hope you’ll find a lot of joy in your 3 kids! 3! I also hope that Samu will enjoy his two new siblings!

Now the what the heck part…

Hungarian president and former Olympian Pál Schmitt copied translated a significant portion of his doctoral dissertation from various sources. Like… all but maybe 15-20 pages. It’s a fact. A committee set up by the university confirmed this fact, however, they thought the error was made by those who evaluated the dissertation by not noticing that pretty much the whole thing as translated from an essay only available ion manuscript form at the time. Because it would have been their responsibility… WTF, really? I do understand that his dissertation was written 20 years ago, that laws and regulations changed multiple times since then, that the college where he did his doctorate no longer exists as an independent institution, and really, the degree „dr. univ.” no longer exists, but when you translate 200 out of 215 pages directly from other works… well, that should have at least some consequence. I am not really expecting him to resign, unless Prime Minister Orbán decides Schmitt is too much of an embarassment. But there should be something happening. Not that it would help Hungary’s image after the whole thing… with scientists declining to be part of the investigative committee, because it pretty much means they’d lose their jobs or their credibility, depending on the results…

If Schmitt gets to keep his doctorate, once I have my PhD I’ll make sure that those two letters preceding my name will not be partt of my official name. Ever. I don’t want to be considered to be in the same league as this clown, a slave to the governing party.

6 Responses to “Congrats and What the Heck?”

  1. Ciska says:

    That’s just crazy about Schmitt! I remember a student in my year who copied a short piece of an article into his bachelor paper without mentioning it in his footnotes and he was kicked out of university. He wasn’t allowed to ever follow another class at this particular university or its affiliates. And that was just one page in a bachelor paper! I can’t believe they let Schmitt keep his diploma …

    • Hevel says:

      I know it’s insane! If he gets through this with his doctorate intact and without resignation, I’ll be even more disappointed in the current government than I already am. We have so many Austrian and German examples of politicians falling from grace because of plagiarism. However, with the current, very anti-democratic government no one dares to take the responsibility to revoke his degree.

    • Hevel says:

      As an update, there is a slight chance he will be stripped of his dr. univ.

  2. Ciska says:

    I didn’t know the Hungarian governement was that bad. An article in a newspaper I read, warned that Orbàn’s politics look a lot like Mussolini’s. I thought they were exaggerating a bit, but it seems like it does indeed go in that direction. Scary!

    • Hevel says:

      They are bad. Worse than they were 1998-2002. People thought thy had learnt from their mistakes. Oh yes they have, they have a firm grip on the country.

  3. Negra says:

    Köszönjük, átadjuk! 🙂

    A szövegben meg kár volt kihúzni a MÁSOLT szót…. :S

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