A healthy diet is important


Stolen from somewhere online.

10 Responses to “A healthy diet is important”

  1. Negra says:

    Nigellea 51 éves????
    Az tuti nem lehet, hisz egy tök fiatal n?!
    És annyira szerettem a m?sorát anno a spektrumon!
    Pl. ezért is sajnálom nagyon azt a csatornát, hogy már nincs nekünk… 🙁

  2. Kath says:

    The only problem being that Gillian McKeith was roughing it in the jungle, and is clearly upset in that photo, whilst Nigella is made up for a fancy function. Nigella does look much, much better than Gillian normally, but I bet you could find a really bad picture of her where she looks terrible also.

  3. doesitevenmatter3 says:

    HA! I LOVE this! Right on! 🙂
    HAPPY Moan-Day!

  4. doesitevenmatter3 says:

    We had a huge snow this weekend! Wow! 🙂 Also, had family/company visiting, which was fun! 🙂 I’m still battling a sinus infection…but, back to a more “normal” week! 🙂
    Hope you are doing well!

  5. Bozót says:

    Haha, I love this one!

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