The Song I Like That Didn't Make The Final


As I’m home with the kids, I found some extra time on my hands, so I listened to, once again, the songs of the second national semifinal for the Eurovision Song Contest. The Hungarian national final, to be honest. Thanks IBA, for canceling Kdam. I went into this semifinal with very strong preferences, for one song in particular.

The singer of this song was one of the discoveries of the Megaszt谩r program a few years ago. He didn’t win, and I couldn’t stand him, to be honest. Later on I saw him in some Hungarian soap and hated him. I saw him in a musical and kinda liked him there. And now he came out with this song. When I first heard it I had no idea who sang it, and I fell in love with the song. That didn’t change when I found out who the singer was.

I was slightly bummed when my votes for this song didn’t go through. One of the Hungarian celebs tweeted that his votes didn’t go through either, and he was voting for the same same song. I wonder if there was some technical glitch? Anyway, the song didn’t make it to the national final, but I thought I’d share it with you. But I also need to warn you that one of the things I loved about this song was that it was completely in Hungarian. 馃榾 Of course the broadcast was blotched and the Duna Auton贸mia聽World broadcast was out of synch when it came to the audio and the video. I’m trying to find a better video version.

6 Responses to “The Song I Like That Didn't Make The Final”

  1. 脕g贸 says:

    Now, when I started to listen to it and made a comment about the song, I found out that more of my colleagues watched it than they admit. 馃榾

  2. Boz贸t says:

    I still can’t stand him. But I have to admit, the song is good.

  3. Andi says:

    H煤, de borzalmasan el van cs煤szva a hang! 馃榾
    …茅s biztos nem a z枚ld nadr谩g miatt?!
    Olyan Peter Pan-os…. 馃榾

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