On Wasted Talents


We have been celebrating birthdays this week. Noah turned 19 two weeks ago, Yonah turned 18 on Wednesday and my cousin Arik  celebrates his birthday today, my sister-in-law celebrates hers tomorrow. That’s a lot of birthdays to celebrate, and it gave Nirel a lot of opportunities to practice his baking and cake decorating skills. He is doing really well in that area and he still thinks that’s the career he wants.

One of the gifts that Sam got from my brother’s family was a karaoke set. Since I got home Friday night just in time to join the party, I wasn’t really going to participate, just camp out on one of our couches. However at one point Sam exclaimed, “There are 6 Harel Skaat songs, Dad, you gotta sing them!” So I did. 🙂 What else can a dad do?

I ended up singing a few songs, and I did have a lot of fun.  I loved listening to my boys sing, and boy, can Sam sing! 🙂 He just told us that his parents wanted him to become a chazzan (cantor). He sure has the voice for that!

And that was when my brother made a comment that made me go all “What if?” What he said was, “If things just went a little differently in 1986-87, now Harel Skaat would be all giddy about finally getting your third album!” I kind of stroke back with saying that I would have missed Kokhav Nolad 2 because of the military, so my best bet would have been Kokhav Nolad 3, trying to dismiss the idea that  he was actually comapring me to someone I find super talented. Unfortunately, my brother being who he is, he went on to explain why I would have been perfect singing star material… only if things went differently.

Once I was a good singer and pianist, an overachieving runner, a talented scientist, a budding writer. All gone. Wasted talents.

That’s one reason why it’s so important to me to give these children and young people the opportunity to grow and be able to cultivate their talents. So they don’t become like me: the epitome of wasted potential. Because in this world potential doesn’t matter, just what you actually make out of it. I could have been a pop star, an Olympic athlete or a great scientist. But I’m not, and that’s what matters in the end. I sometimes wonder what it would have been like if… But it’s pointless.

Maybe in another decade I won’t be feeling like such a loser, because I will have succeded in raising children, who fulfill the potential in them. Whether it be a talent in decorating cakes, in fashion design, in finding the Theory of Everything or carpentry, they, hopefully, won’t look back with regret over wasted talents.

5 Responses to “On Wasted Talents”

  1. Andi says:

    Újra van blogod! 😀

    Amúgy meg tegnap óta ezen gondolkozom, mikor mondtad ezt a “…mi lett volna ha…” dolgot, hogy valamiért ez a Te utad.
    Lehet nem véletlenül alakultak így a dolgok.

    A Te életed ezel?tt pár évig nem volt az a kifejezetten tündérmese, de mivel így alakult, ezért vagy most itt, és ezért van az, hogy 14 olyan gyereket nevelhetsz, akik nélküled és a párod nélkül elkallódnának, elvesznének.

    Igen, így a Te álmaid ugrottak, de helyette esélyt adsz a nevelt és saját gyerekeidnek, hogy ?k egy sokkal jobb életet élhessenek.

    Biztos jó lett volna, ha híres énekes, vagy zongorista leszel.
    Író még lehetsz, és akár tudós is.
    De ha majd 30 év múlva visszanézel, körülötted a csomó gyereked, unokád, dédunokád, lehet akkor utólag ezt a jelenlegi életedet kívánod majd, mert látod, mivé lettek miattad, általad…

    Vagyis: így legyen! :o)

  2. Jon Hayenga says:

    You have never been a wasted talent in my book. You are an amazing guy.
    I know a certain author and book series I would love to have you come back to. 🙂

  3. Annie says:

    Hevel, you are an extraordinary person. It has seemed to me that often people with the talent to become famous in many areas, do not become FAMOUS, because that takes so much pruning. How much better, really, to be able to use all of those gifts and talents by doing some of this, some of that, and passing the joy of life on to others.

    I do know what you mean, because perhaps I could have been a successful artist or actress. Now I parcel some of those talents out….a little here, a little there. It seems a waste sometimes, but I’d rather be a mother than anything.

    Anyway, you are stll a budding writer. Yes?!

    • Hevel says:

      I think one of the reasons why I sometimes regret not becoming “more” than I am now is the ability to influence people. If you remember my 7 “secrets” I wrote that while I liked Harel Skaat since day 1 (even if I was a Harel Moyal fan throughout Kokhav Nolad 2), I really started to like him when he started to speak up on important issues from reading to political awareness. I kind of missed my chance with that. 😀

  4. Bozót says:

    I’m with Annie, you’re still a budding writer! And sososo much else!

    But, yeah, “what ifs” are tough…..

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