Good morning song


Bozót asked me a few days (weeks?) ago if I stopped liking Mika.

No, I haven’t, and this is the proof.

Waking up to this song on the only weekend day of the week was fabulous, I tell you. Because …

We are young
We are strong
We’re not looking for where we belong

We’re not cool
We are free
And we’re running with blood on our knees

4 Responses to “Good morning song”

  1. Bozót says:

    Just what I needed to get into the groove this morning! Thank ya 🙂

    Iknew you didn’t stop liking him, just thought he’s been kinda neglected since Mr Skaat entered the picture in full HD 😀

  2. Andi says:

    Mi történt?!
    Most, hogy jópárszor elmondtad, nincs új lemeze, mert turnézik, most hirtelen mégis csak kiad egyet?!
    Ekkora ráhatásod van a dolgokra??? 😀

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