Giveaway Time!


I’m not fundraising. I’m not even planning on having ads, for which I need traffic. I just want to do this for fun, to reward my readers, old and new.

So who can enter? Anyone, who answers at least two of the three questions below correctly. As you can see, the questions each have a link or several that point you to a certain post, that actually contains the asnwer. I’m not making it too difficult, am I? The Bonus Question can be easily answered by the use of several features on this blog… or even Google.

When? The giveaway begins when this post appears on my blog and lasts till approximately Purim begins in Tel Aviv, that is 7 p.m. on March 7th, 2012, Tel Aviv time. There is a counter on the right side of this page. 🙂

So the questions:

  1. Who wrote my favourite Harel Skaat song?
  2. What is my dog’s name?
  3. What is the television event that I am really looking forward to each May?

Bonus question: What’s up with that polar bear wearing a wonder bra?

How? Leave a comment on this post with your answers, and, if you’d like to, with your preference of what you’d like to win from the prizes. Temporarily all comments on the blog will be screened, so people can’t copy from each other. 🙂

A drawing will be done for at least three winners, based on the number of entries. There will be 1st, 2nd, 3rd etc. place winners. In order of placing, each winner will have 24 hours to make a choice from the available prizes, or will get the item they indicated in their original comment if it’s still available.

Those who get the Bonus Question right will be eligible for a special prize drawing. So you can win two prizes! I must mention, though, that some of the prizes will only be able to be shipped within the EU, so don’t choose them if you live elsewhere.  A small prize will also be available for those, who refer their friends here. 🙂

So what are the prizes?

  • Harel Skaat’s CD “Joyous Again”
  • A coupon for a name plaque like mine, donated by Róbert Vámos from Kérj bármit! Shipping is included.
  • A hand-crocheted owl (made by me) and a hand made owl card, donated by Marica from Fräulein Pfau’s Etsy.
  • A pair of earrings from Fräulein Pfau’s Etsy, donated by Ágó. You will have a choice of three pairs, including the beautiful Roses for Ruzica!
  • A set of 10 postcards.
  • 3 cross-stitched motifs mounted on postcards + optional Easter decor handmade and donated by Bozót.
  • Official baseball cap of the 25th Budapest Marathon + initials or name embroidered, also donated by Bozót.
  • Jewish Budapest album, bilingual book about the historic Jewish Quarter of Budapest, plus other areas.
  • Little Black Dress by AVON mini perfume, donated by Ágó.
  • Little Red Dress by AVON, 50 ml, perfume, donated by Ágó. This can only be shipped within the EU.
  • Set of three or four handmade bottle cap magnets, on themes defined by you!
  • Set of three or four handmade Scrabble tile pendants, on themes defined by you!
  • Upcycled picture frame.
  • Bracelet by Eszter.

Bonus Question Prize:

Hand crocheted polar bear, sans wonder bra.

Referrer prize:

To be announced.

More prizes might be added.

The drawing will happen on March 8, performed by several people at several corners of the world.

Also, any changes that might happen… will happen. I plan to send everything out during March. Pictures to follow!

A list of the qualified particpants:

Regular prizes:

  1.  Andi from Nesztelenül
  2. Carolyn
  3. Ágó from Bogarantyu
  4. Danielle
  5. Kat
  6. Ibi
  7. Bozót
  8. Jon
  9. Edömérné Perei Erzsébet Anna
  10. Annie of One Mother’s Day
  11. Trauma Mama T
  12. Eszti
  13. Dionne
  14. Ciska
  15. Siebe Todor
  16. Christie
  17. De
  18. Martina
  19. Hope Anne
  20. Cléo
  21. Alex S.

Bonus Question:

  1.  Ágó
  2. Danielle
  3. Annie
  4. Trauma Mama T
  5. Ciska
  6. Alex S.


  1. Andi
  2. Bozót
  3. Annie
  4. Ciska
  5. Hope Anne
  6. Jon
  7. Ágó

49 Responses to “Giveaway Time!”

  1. Negra says:

    Ér els?nek válaszolni???? 😀

  2. Negra says:

    Hú, akkor:
    1. Kfir Epstein
    2. Izhar
    3. Eurovizios Dalfesztivál

  3. Marica says:

    I knew the answers to 2 and 3 without even glancing at the hyperlinks you sneaked into the questions lol.

  4. doesitevenmatter3 says:

    I knew the answers to 1 and 2! I had to look up #3.

    1. “You Have No Reason”…
    2. Izhar Cohen
    3. Eurovision Song Contest
    Bonus Q: That polar bear’s name is Victoria…and now we all know his secret!? 😀 I have no idea why the polar bear is wearing a wonder bra. 🙁

    ALL the prizes sound GREAT! It’s hard to choose! But, I’d especially like the owl ones, the jewelry, the CD, or the magnets! 🙂

    HUGS and cool on the contest!

  5. Ágó says:

    Én tudom, tudom!
    1. Kfir Epstein
    2. Izhar Cohen.
    3. ESC

    Bónusz: Abanibi. 😀

  6. Danielle says:

    I’ve never commented here before, but I am a lurker, ahem, frequent reader. So I thought I would enter to win.

    Also, I need to read better, didn’t even notice that there were links giving the answers!

    1. Kfir Epstein
    2. Izhar Cohen
    3. The Eurovision song contest

    Bonus: What A-Ba-Ni-Bi sounds like in English.

    If I am a winner, the crocheted owl, bottle cap magnets and scrabble pendants all sound really cool. But really i’d be thrilled to win anything!

  7. Ibi says:

    1. Kfir Epstein
    2. Izhar
    3. Eurovízios Dalfesztivál

  8. Kat says:


    1. Kfir Epstein
    2. Izhar
    3. Eurovízios Dalfesztivál

    Mosolygós napot! 🙂

  9. Bozót says:

    1. Kfir Epstein
    2. Izhar Cohen (although I’m still highly disappointed you didn’t name him Rózsi 🙂
    3. Eurovision Song contest

    …and I’m referring the whole wild world here 🙂

  10. Bozót says:

    In case ppl are interested, I have stunning African wild animal photo postcards available, too.

    • Hevel says:

      Only if I can win them. 😀

      • Bozót says:

        You don’t even fall for animals 😛 Not my photos, though… Okay, you get a set, because you host this whole thing and I donate two other sets of four cards each, deal?

        • Hevel says:

          No, but I have 14 kids. Actually, I think you can donate them all to the giveaway… but maybe only 2 sets will be enough?

          • Bozót says:

            I have to admit, I totally thought much more people were reading your blog…Or if they’re following, why don’t they enter the raffle? It’s free, it’s fun, it’s easy and the prizes are awesome….Disappointing to say the least :/

  11. Jon Hayenga says:

    Well, here goes my attempt to answer your questions.
    1. Song title: You Have No Reason, I am hoping that is the translation because I am not sure how to type out the Hebrew titel.
    2. Your dog’s name I am going to say Gomboc only because I don’t see an entry for your new dog’s name, which is going to be one of these, Bob Marley or Izhar.
    3. The show you look forward to is Eurovision Song Contest. 🙂 That one I should have known. :p

    Bonus: I am going to take a wild stab at this one and say the polar bear wearing the wonder bra has something to do with some weird translation of song lyrics.

    There are some wonderful prize choice. 🙂 I hope I make the running.

    • Jon Hayenga says:

      1. Kfir Epstein wrote the song. 😮 I need to slow down my brain some times. Or learn to read. :p

  12. Edömérné Perei Erzsébet Anna says:

    1. Kfir Epstein
    2. Izhar
    3. Eurovízio

  13. Annie says:

    1. Kfir Epstein
    2. Izhar or Bob Marley
    3. Eurovision Song Contest!

    BONUS: Israel’s first Eurovision Song Contest win was NOT about this!

  14. ???????

    Izhar. Or Bob Marley.

    Eurovision Song Contest

    Bear with Bra: Jewish love son – Eurovision Song Contest win

    Love the blog. I’m a a-mom friend of Annie’s. And oh my, you are CUTE. (I’m old so I can say that.)

  15. oops – make that Jewish love SONG

  16. Eszti says:

    Szia Derek!

    Köszi, hogy szóltál! Tisztára kiment a fejemb?l….

    No itt vannak a válaszok… Az els? kett?re megtaláltam a megfejtést… a 3.-t még keresem:
    1. Was written by Kfir Epstein.
    2. Your puli’s name is Izhar.

    A névtábla-kuponnak, de még inkább a bagolykádnak örülnék! :o)

    Jobbulást neked!


  17. I am happy to enter! Though I don’t think I could appreciate the give-aways nearly as much as they should be, I love winning and playing! Here are my answers to questions 1-3: Kfir Epstein wrote your favourite Harel Skaat song.
    Your dog’s name is Izhar. And you look forward to the Eurovision Song Contest each year. Am I right? If so, I would like the earrings if they are still available. They’re gorgeous!!!

  18. Ciska says:

    I was going to join this contest when I first read about it, but then forgot all about it. I’m glad it’s not too late to join! So here are my answers:
    1. Kfir Epstein
    2. Izhar (Cohen)
    3. Eurovision Song Contest (which used to be big in our house too, before the tv imploded!)
    bonus question: ‘the polar bear wearing a wonderbra’ is what your boys made of ‘Abanibi obohebev’ when listening to the song in English.
    I would love to win any of the prices, but the book about Jewish Budapest seems particularly interesting. I loved the synagogue in Budapest and its museum!

    • Hevel says:

      I really like this book. I think you’ll like it too. There’s also one on the churches of Budapest, mostly Catholic ones. I just love this series, period.

  19. Siebe Todor says:

    Wouldn’t want you to be disappointed: 1. Kfir Epstein 2. Izhar 3. Eurovision Song Contest.Greetings from The Netherlands.

  20. De says:

    1. You Have No Reason…
    2. Izhar Cohen
    3. Eurovision Song Contest 2012 (thanks for the answers!)

    I am a regular reader and find your responses to other blogger’s post so fascinating. Sry for the disappointing response to your Giveaway. For me.. my self-worth issues of “not deserving to win” get in the way. I wonder if others feel that way too. At any rate… here I am.


  21. Christie says:

    1 Kefir Epstein
    I have no idea about the bonus question, but would wonder if there are any female
    scientists missing. 🙂

  22. Ciska says:

    I posted your giveaway on my blog. Let’s hope you will get several more entries!

  23. Marica says:

    Wow, 17 people so far, that’s good! I linked this onto my Facebook so hopefully that gets some more people over here 🙂

  24. Martina Munz says:

    So the answer to the first question is : Kfir Epstein
    The answer to the second question is: Izhar
    The answer to the third question is: Eurovision Song Contest
    Dear Hevel,
    I saw the link about your giveaway on one of my FB friends, Annie Kitching, and I thought I give it a try. I hope I got them right. I do have 4 little distractions living with me not included our dogs and cats. I am a transplant from Germany who chose to put roots down in the United States and I adopted 4 children here.So having said that I love your blog. And the CD would be my favorite prize. Many Blessings, Martina

    • Hevel says:

      Hallo Martina! It would be embarrassing to try to continue in German, because all I speak is what I picked up living in a village on the border of Hungary and Austria for a year and a half… so I can shop in Vienna and watch TV in German, but that’s all. Thanks for entering!

  25. happymom4 says:

    I knew #3 without even looking–Eurovision, right? 😉 And as for #2. Well! Izhar or Bob Marley! but I am sorry I don’t know which . . . sadly, I’m not much of a dog person so I don’t tend to pay attention to that.

    And I’ll go share the give-away on my Xanga blog! 😉

    Have a good day, Hevel, and thanks for doing this fun give-away!

  26. Cléo says:

    1.Kfir Epstein

    2. Izhar (Or Bob Marley)

    3. The Eurovision Song Contest

    Groetjes uit België!

    • Hevel says:

      Thanks for entering! 😀 The puppy ended up being named Izhar, and his brother, who was adopted by my brother, was named Bob Marley.

  27. Alex Sh. says:

    Hi, Hevel!

    So, the answers:
    1. Tmimuti (My innocence)
    2. Izhar
    3. Eurovision
    Bonus: “polar bear wearing a wonder bra” – song “A-ba-ni-bi”, one of your family likes.

    Btw, my favorite Skaat’s song – “The bird”. And the Skaat’s best album is Dmuyot, imho.

    For good humor, here are old Soviet cartoons (click “cc” for English subtitles):

    “Under Yesteryear’s Snowfall”
    part 1 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qY2xU9o4o4o
    part 2 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7xoNaRJO_uQ

    “There once was a dog”

    Seeing as you are “talent-show fan” – here’s one song from “Voice of Ukraine”:
    Ukrainian word “???” here means “hey”, not “gay” ))

    Pardon my bad English )
    Stand firm! Cheer up!
    Alex S.

    • Hevel says:

      Tzippor is a nice song. 🙂 I love Tmimuti, and HaRuach Teshane Et Kivuna is my favourite from the first album… but this album is actually the first one that hasn’t any songs that I don’t like, so I’m saying this is my favourite album.

      I grew up with ??, ??????! and other Central/Eastern European cartoons. I also watched a talent show when I was in Kiyv two years ago that had some great singers.


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