Football is a dangerous


Football, you know the game where you can’t touch the ball with your hands, the one David Beckham plays, is a dangerous sport.

No, really.

Every Wednesday there soccer at our synagogue, and my boys are very excited to go and train and play. Kevin participates as well. I don’t, because let’s admit it, running and kicking a ball at the same time is way beyond my abilities. And since even the girls get to play, usually I just watch and try to understand.

What normally happens is a lot of running around, yelling, lemonade drinking. Every once in a while the ball gets kicked and someone scores a goal. Then comes the euphoria of winning the Championship League. No, really! And then there’s more lemonade.

It’s a lot of fun, both to play and to watch.

Except when Matthew falls, lands on his face and skins it. Literally. Of course after doing just that yesterday, he was very proud of his bruised and battered appearance. Luckily we have enough arnica cream and tablets. He will heal. Till then, he proudly shows off his battle wounds.

More seriously, Yonah’s open fracture last summer is healing well. With PT he is about 85% functionality now. Hopefully by the time summer rolls around, he will be just fine. Not that having only 85% functionality stops him from playing football. Every Wednesday. At our synagogue.

2 Responses to “Football is a dangerous”

  1. Bozót says:

    Árnika krém rulez! 🙂 Az én lányomnak korizástól színjátszós a könyöke 😛

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