The Pianists


Next week three of my kids have their piano recitals. Actually, these are much like the piano exams I had when I was living in Hungary as a kid. Each of the kids gets a sight reading exercise, and then plays three or four short pieces. When they were younger one recital was done in less than 10 minutes, now it’s between 25 and 30 minutes. There is a panel of teachers from the music school, and they grade their performance, and give the final grade for the semester. Each recital is about two hours long, with the number of kids varying, and there are refreshments while the teachers discuss the grading and fill out the paperwork for the report cards.

One of the things that this particular music school does that I remember doing in Hungary, is that the students have to prepare their own program flyer… by hand. They have to decorate it, and write the program by hand and then it gets scanned and printed in a few copies for the teachers and the audience. I remember doing it as a kid in Hungary, and it was fun. So now between the three kids spending a lot of time on teh piano, they already covered most of the living room in cardstock, coloured pencils, stickers and glitter glue. With creative juices flowing, they are making several programs by hand, and hopefully by the time they actually write the inserts out, they will have decided what they will choose as their optional piece.

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