Happy Again


This morning I woke up to a text message with Kevin. It said, “Get on YouTube. Now.”

Being the obedient boyfriend that I am, I did so, and this is the song that was waiting for me:

This is the translation of Brian Torobin:

“Shuv M’ushar” (“Happy Once Again”)

Words: Noam Chorev
Music: Yahal Doron and Guy Mensh
Arrangement and Musical Production: Ron Shem-Tov

Maybe if you hand over to me some of your darkness
There will be a little bit of light here
And only then will you breathe comfortably
No more will you have to go over
Your past with your fingertips
You will have to give it some answers

Show me everything that happens
everything that ends
everything that breaks you during the night
Even if it’s late
Show me so that I’ll know
How to make you happen again

Maybe if you present to me what is cold by you
It’ll be a little warmer here
the secrets that are said by your silent mouth
the creases near your eye when you laugh
that remind me what you went through in order to smile

Maybe if you take me to your rain
There will be a little sun here
Like tears that drip on a window on a winter’s day
I’ll sneak into your heart
And you’ll show me all the bad close-up
So that it will be good for us


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