ESC 2012


You know what a new year means? That the Eurovision Song Contest is coming up! This is about the time when I should become excited about the upcoming Kdam (Israeli pre-selection show), but IBA (Israeli broadcasting authority) decided to cancel Kdam this year.

While I’ll miss my beloved Kdam, Hungary treats me to not only one, but three nights’ worth of pre-selection shows! Twenty songs! That’s a lot! And most of them by A-list Hungarian stars. Even by some, who can sing in English. It’s awful, but true, I quite like two songs that are by artists who are very uncool.

The above channel has the songs nominated for the semifinals, the first of which is airing on Saturday, live. Yes, I’ll be watching, and will have a “good will club” with my friend Andi over MSN.  Anyone, who wants to join us is welcome to!

6 Responses to “ESC 2012”

  1. Andi says:

    Épp akartam kérdezni, hogy mást nem szerveztél be a jóindulat szakkörbe?! 😉

  2. Bozót says:

    El? ám! 🙂 Good-will club ….ez kész 😀

  3. Ágó says:

    Hú, én is nézem majd ám! Nem tudom, hogy online leszek-e, mert közben dolgozni is kéne, és VPN-en nem megy az MSN.

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