Why I Prefer Purim to Halloween?


Halloween: Kids dress up in costumes.
Purim: Kids dress up in costumes.

Halloween: Kids go door to door, asking for treats and threatening with “tricks” in case they are turned away, teaching greed.
Purim: Kids are asked to deliver mishloach manot, food portions to friends, and also to give mishloach manot to their friends. One other mitzvah of Purim is giving to the poor, so yeah, this holiday teaches just the opposite of Halloween.

2 Responses to “Why I Prefer Purim to Halloween?”

  1. Galit says:

    I have always felt the same way, for the same reason, and more: On Purim, kids traditionally dress as heroes, or at least as comical characters — very lighthearted! On Halloween, the whole emphasis on “spookiness” borders on the macabre, too creepy for littler kids! Also, on Purim, the holiday is actually tied to deeper understanding of our culture, heritage, history etc. Halloween is actually scorned by more fundamentalist Christians as reflecting Satanic values. I guess some find this “counter-cultural” aspect of it to be a positive, but I feel ambivalent about it.
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    • Hevel @KosherKola says:

      You are absolutely right! As an Irishman I do recognize that many of the Halloween traditions go back to the pre-Christian roots of the Celtic culture. Nothing to do with Satan, but with the need to understand and cope with death and the approaching winter, at least for me Halloween meant that. The whole Halloween/All Saints/Day of the Dead period is focused on that. And fundies… let’s not go there now. 😀


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