Surround Sound?


The last so many years my hearing was virtually unilateral. After losing my hearing I had a cochlear implant on one side, and have used a digital hearing aid on the other. That way all my hearing basically came from the side with the implant, with very few and distorted audio signals reaching my brain from the other side. So when someone would say my name, I’d have to look all around to know where they are: I couldn’t tell direction from hearing.

My digital hearing aid just gave up  the ghost, and I went about finding out how to replace it. I was informed that I could get a second CI. While in the past 6 years both I and Craig decided against it, now I stopped to pause. Technology has advanced to a level that 6 years ago when I first said no, I would have thought acceptable to get for the rest of my life. You see, once you have a CI further improvements are virtually impossible to make on that ear. So I was hesitating, waiting for what if something better comes about. Maybe it’s time to stop waiting. Maybe it’s time to go more bionic…

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