The things needed for a great Independence Day

  • White and blue face paint, so your kids can run around with the Israeli flag on their faces. 
  • 15 kids (4 brothers, 7 cousins, 2 aunts and 2 uncles).
  • More white and blue face paint to repaint faces after the flags got smeared.
  • A great-grandpa who can tell his first hand experiences of those days 62 years ago in a very captivating manner. (Köszi, Nagyapa, hogy feljöttél Tel Avivba!)
  • Plenty of food, a grill, and cold lemonade.
  • Several dozen Israeli flags (small, paper), a few full sized ones. 
  • A great sound system, plenty of good music.
  • A birthday cake with 62 candles.. Double chocolate with white chocolate frosting and blue marzipan decoration. 
  • Even more white and blue face paint to repaint the flags after playing with the hose.
  • Shaving cream. In cans. 
  • No afternoon naps.

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