January Virtual Tea Party and Commenting Month

It all began with a post by Annie.
Her post was about reading blogs – and commenting on the posts they actually read. Do you make yourself known when you are reading a blog, or do you just show up in the hit statistics?
Well, I invite you to a virtual tea party for the whole month of January, 2010! I challenge you to drop by for a virtual cup of tea, introduce yourself and stay for a little chit-chat on the blogs you visit, and also to interact with your visitors on your own blog!
If you’d like to spread the word, please grab a button!

If you’d like to join the official guest list for the tea party, please list your blog below. Feel free to browse, visit and comment on these blogs!

4 Responses to “January Virtual Tea Party and Commenting Month”

  1. Bozót says:

    I’m hopping on the wagon 🙂

    A mum of two from Hungary, blogging mainly about life, running, kids, running, pets, running, cooking(Eastern European cusisine), running…see the point 🙂

    I hope I can actually stay active in this thing 🙂

  2. Annie says:

    I can rarely read a post and not comment on it, which sometimes feels embarrassing… But – really! If someone SPOKE it to me, or wrote it to me on a postcard, even – of course I’d say something!

    I hope everyone will stop by my posts, if only to say. “I read this.”

  3. Bogarantyú says:

    Here, here! 😀 Another Hungarian here. My english blog is actually the one linked above.

  4. Enjoying my visit to your site!!!
    I am having me tea with you today. I try to comment but don’t always for just the reasons Annie had mentioned. I get a bit embarrassed to have either an opposite position, or someone has already said JUSt the thing I wanted to say!!
    But I will do better!
    have a good day,

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