The tile stove

It is cool in Ukraine, I’d even say it’s cold. It’s foggy and only 13°C (55°F) at noon, the tile stove has become a great friend. For some reason next to the still cold central heating radiators there is a gas powered tile stove in the largest room. It isn’t much different from the one we had in Budapest, and I really love it. With the less than optimal insulation of the windows and door we had a cold wind in the apartment. Now, thanks to the tile stove, it’s nice and warm, and I’m sitting in my room with the laptop and a cup of coffee, listening to Black, and feeling oh very homesick for my boys.

3 Responses to “The tile stove”

  1. We had tile stoves in every room, back in my childhood home in Romania…Oh, sweet memories…Before gas we had wood tile stoves, what a wonderful smell…
    I am still sick as hell, but thinking about you, Hevel. Hope everything is OK.

  2. Hevel says:

    I love tile stoves! We had one, though different from the ones in Central Europe, in Ireland, too!

    I hope you will fel better very very soon!

  3. Annie says:

    I am sitting here freezing, wishing I had any source of heat….but a tile stove sounds fantastic.

    I LOVED that music. Very evocative visual, too.

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