Miracles do happen


Some 5 and a half years ago (K says it was 6 years ago) the house we lived in at that point was broken into. There was a lot of damage as well as a lot of things stolen–including a car with less than 1000 km in it. Unfortunately for us the perpetrator was identified. Unfortunate it was, because a court case was brought against him and the insurance company doesn’t pay till the court case is closed. I won’t go into details why this has dagged on for 6 years, but by now we gave up all hope that the court case will be brought to a close within this millenium–and with the new one just having started, that was pretty pessimistic!

Yesterday we got a note that on Friday the court case was closed. That means within a year we are looking at receiving the equivalent of about USD 27,000. That is a lot of money. But do you know what that money can do? Finance an adoption. That is what it can do. Either that, or buy a new car. We don’t need a new car.

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  1. Hi Hevel
    wow! what a blessing. i was just reading a previous post about your wanting 12 children, and your planning to adopt another child. it seems that your miracle couldn’t have come at a better time. (smiling with you!)

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